From the desk of:
Robert Feddes - Former Sciatica Sufferer &
Creator of The DIY BackPainGoodbye Program
Friesland, The Netherlands


Dear Friend,

A simple and proven DIY program to banish sciatica... eradicate back pains... and even help with bulging discs...

That does NOT require medical help to understand or apply...

That requires no drugs, and no more visits to a chiropractor or physotherapist...

Yet is solidly based on groundbreaking medical research of two doctors who together spent close to 80 years helping people fix their own back troubles...

Which explains why many have success even after they unsuccessfully tried everything else.

Confirmed by a doctor from the Topeka Back Institute who tested 1000 patients with back problems and found that 98% suffered from misalignement of this very same joint...

Yet this continues to be ignored by so called modern medicine that still seems to prefer dealing with symptoms rather than root causes...

If you've been searching for an easy, effective DIY way to get rid of sciatica without the need for treatment, drugs or surgery, then this page is for you.

Please let me explain...

In my new program called the BackPainGoodbye Program, I reveal ways to get rid of sciatica fast, without drugs and without going to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

This proprietary program works so well because it puts scientific biomechanical breakthroughs in the hands of regular sciatica sufferers.

In just a few minutes you could be joining the tens of thousands worldwide who already use this program...

This program will NOT require hard work from you...

And it is NOT too complicated to be beyond your reach.

In fact it is so easy it has even been taught over the phone.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

My breakthrough DIY BackPainGoodbye Program smashes the myths of alleged sciatica causes and shows a simple process that already helped thousands to quickly and effortlessly banish sciatica straight out of their body...

...and you don't have to raise a sweat either. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

  • The secret of DO IT YOURSELF re-alignement of the bottom of your spine. This unique medical DIY technique 'gently forces' the base of your spine into proper alignement... immediately allowing your body to release muscle tensions... and this in turn allows sciatic pains to dissipate and disappear.
  • This DIY re-aligning exercise is astonishingly easy to add to your daily life. You can simply do this at home, as many times as you like... No traveling to your chiro, no fitting into her or your schedule... Just do it in the comfort of your home or wherever you are and experience automatic and rapid increase of pain relief.
  • Why you need to activate these smaller muscles first. Because until these muscles work properly again, your sciatica-causing-muscular-imbalances will remain... keeping damaging tensions in place... which prevents sciatica from leaving your body. Don't even think about stretching muscles for sciatic pain relief without activating these muscles first. Discovered by Australian scientists.
  • What you don't know about posture could be ruining all chances of ever leaving sciatica permanently behind. Discover proven 'autopilot posture techniques' that Olympic weightlifters use to protect their bodies... from the heaviest loads man can put on their spines. Statistics show that Olympic weight lifters later in life suffer from less back & sciatic pains... simply because these postural techniques have become programmed into their bodies... See the autopilot way to 'program' these same techniques into your body to get the exact same benefits... without ever having to lift one heavy weight.
  • Proven Techniques - used successfully by former sciatica sufferers in 93 countries – but unknown to most doctors, which means you can now take the health of your back in your own hands and know that you are ahead of the majority of doctors and you are following a proven path by thousands of sufferers worldwide who went before.
  • 17 Pain Banishing Exercises you can use straight away. Which means you'll get an immediate rush of new blood full of oxygen and nutrients to the painful areas of your back... which puts your body on the fast track to building permanent relief to your rubbed raw nerves, discs and painful areas... Research shows that painful areas suffer from diminished oxygen supply. These exercises are designed to remedy that quickly.
  • These Pain Banishing Exercises make smart use of the so called Arthrokinetic Reflex. Which means you can go for maximum benefits for your muscles' strength and suppleness NOT by having to work hard... but only by putting your body and limbs through an intelligent series of motions... that first loosen up your joints... the automatic arthrokinetic reflex then leads to more strength and nimbleness... which in turn helps release sciatic pains from your body. That is how to go for maximum results with minimal effort.
  • An astonishing “How To Help Discs Heal Naturally” Checklist. Do’s and Don’ts including dietary recommendations for improved natural healing, which means you will finally know what to do to help your discs heal themselves AND you’ll know what to stop doing. You’ll understand how your diet helps or ruins your chances of permanent pain relief. This checklist helps you jumpstart and improve the health of your intervertebral discs, which play such an important role with sciatic pains.
  • Short and Succinct Easy Reading that any 14-year old will understand, which means you will move like lightning through the 3 stages of ‘How To Get Rid Of The Pains’: From “No Clue At All” to “This Is Easy” in just one short read… and then on to impress your family and friends with your renewed health and zest in life! (Don't be surprised if you’ll be picking up activities given up already, before others even have their wounds from surgery totally healed!)
  • Insider Information About The Best Treat YOU can give your back, which means you do not need anybody else, just you and your body and some time and the proven know-how to quickly get your back on the road to banishing the pain... safely & securely in the comfort of your own home.
  • Written as a Smart & Easy to Read “Simplified Guide to DIY Sciatica Relief”... to restore painfree bliss to pain ridden backs, which means you can now easily and instantly understand what causes the pains… and discover how to enter your own “fast lane of pain eradication”.

Pretty amazing right?...

But don't take my word for it.

See for yourself what other former sciatica sufferers had to say about the DIY BackPainGoodbye Program...

Pain Of Decades Gone The First Time

“You've made a believer out of me”

I just don't write things like this , but I have to tell that, as a physician and surgeon, I was more than doubtful that your program had the answer to my back that has plagued me for decades following multiple traumas.

Yet I've got to tell you that using those exercises for the first time ... the pain was gone. Of course, the next day I can feel it gradually returning, but I now know that completing your set of exercises will once again free me of that chronic pain.
You've made a believer of me.


Already Scheduled For Surgery... No Longer Necessary... Fully Healed!

“surgery now is no longer necessary”

I just thought I have never let you know about the results that came from doing the advised exercises. My girl friend, who was scheduled for herniated disc surgery, if her symptoms would not improve, got great results from doing all exercises even to the extent that surgery now is no longer necessary, she is healed fully after half a year!!!
She keeps doing the exercises and feels this is necessary to strenghten her back.
Would like to thank you that we were able to get this result thanks to you, and that for less than the cost of one visit to her physio!!!!

Kind Regards,

— A. Seegers - The Netherlands

Wish I Found This One Year Ago... Would Have Saved Me Surgery...

“Completely gobsmacked by results”

Here is my story.... In December I crawled to my doctors surgery (literally!) for the fourth time in two weeks.  I could not straighten my back and could not cough or laugh without excruciating pain.  Finally he put me in touch with a consultant neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI which showed that I had a slipped disk in the lower back and would require surgery.  

He was insistent that surgery was the only cure and would be needed immediately so I agreed to have it done.  Three days later I had a lumber discectomy by keyhole surgery which was deemed a great success.  The pain in my legs was gone as was the excruciating pain in my back.  Now I had only six weeks to wait while the wounds healed and I would be right as rain again.  Six weeks later I was totally healed and delighted with life.

However On December 25th the next year, I turned in my bed and lo and behold - the same back pain again although perhaps not quite as bad. I took plenty of muscle relaxants and painkillers for that day and the next and since it was the Christmas period and in Ireland everything shuts down for a week I began to look up the internet to see if there was anything I could do for myself.

I found your site and thought that it was worth a go.  On Wednesday Dec 27th I started the exercises and I am completely "gobsmacked" by the results!  I could hardly do the exercises on that day but I took no more pain relief from then to this. I can now do the exercises in half an hour and without any difficulty, I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.

 I really wish I had found your site sooner - it would have saved me an operation a year ago.  I will come back to you to let you know if in five weeks I am totally pain free but even with the level of pain I now have I can live a very normal life and that was well woth the few euro I spent on your book.

I thank you so much and wish you luck with your own back which I hope remains pain free!!

Yours sincerely

— Imelda Ryan - Ireland

That’s just three of the hundreds of testimonials I’ve received praising The DIY BackPainGoodbye Progam...

All over the world people are now taking control of their sciatica and back health and are losing their pains fast.

But hey, I don’t expect you to believe me.

That’s why I want you to try my program for 60 full days.

If you don’t lose any pains, simply ask for your money back.

You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund of every cent.

And for just $55...

...the DIY BackPainGoodbye Program can be yours.

And what’s even better, you can be reading this program within seconds.

Within just minutes you’ll be able to start your body on the road to shedding the pains.

The DIY BackPainGoodbye Program comes in handy PDF files that you can download straight to your computer so there’s no waiting …

...within minutes you know the secrets to banishing sciatica from your life without drugs, treatments or surgery.

And remember... just can’t lose with my iron clad sixty-day guarantee.

Go through my book... discover the amazing breakthroughs that’ll have you on the road to losing sciatic pains fast... see how easy it is to regain control of your life and start being the person you can be again... without the pain.

Then, after 60 days if you’re not happy with the amount of pain you have left behind, simply contact me for a complete refund of your investment.

So act now.

Click below to order, right now, and get rid of your sciatica without drugs, treatments or surgery.
And remember, you don’t risk a cent.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

A whole new life is just waiting for you. Imagine picking up your kids or grand-kids without pain, and just imagine your body feeling nimble and strong again, allowing you to move with grace and ease again. This is your new reality. The new you without the pains. And you can begin right now.

But don’t hesitate with this one. This is a strictly low introductory price. The price will be going up shortly. Order now and for just $55 you can start to demolish sciatica from your life safe and fast.

Warm regards,

Robert Feddes

P.S. Order now, and not only will you get the DIY BackPainGoodbye Program at this low introductory price...

...You'll Also Get These Three Special Bonus Reports:

- The Dutch Decompression Routine (see below)
- The Guard Your Posture Checklist (see below)
- The SI-Joint Self Correction Exercise! (see below)

But you must order now.

Dutch Decompression Routine
Retail: $19.95 INCLUDED

Back Specialists unequivocally agree... there is benefit in taking pressure off inter-vertebral discs...

That is how we know that Spinal Decompression works, BUT...

Spinal inversion tables are expensive

…and hanging upside down can be difficult to do... and can even cause side effects like dizzyness, etc..

That is why we developed The Dutch Decompression Routine... to give you the exact same benefits as a $500 inversion table...

...without the costs and difficulties of hanging upside down.

  • This includes ONE special – Remarkably Easy - exercise that takes the pressure of ‘over pressured’ and ‘rubbed raw’ discs - so simple and quick, it is almost frightening…
  • In 3 minutes, sitting, standing or lying down, no matter where you are, which means you can now quickly undo years of damage to your discs by taking the pressure off pain inflamed discs…
  • No need to go anywhere, just do it at your convenience, each time adding to the rest that your discs will appreciate and use to heal themselves stronger and stronger. Right until your discs are back to the fullest possible health and you back, helping you ease back into life to the full again.
  • Hey, you can even do this last thing at night before you close your eyes to finally get your great night of sleep again, and do it again in the morning after you wake up – this time refreshed and ready for life again…
  • The “Dutch Decompression Routine” is only available on this site, but if you decide now you get access to this unique exercise routine that allows you to focus your body’s natural healing capabilities on natural healing of damaged discs… even if you are now considering surgery.

Remember the healing of a cut finger?… this is your chance to learn how to unlock that same healing power and focus it on bulging or pain inflamed discs that are now pressing on nerves.

And that is not all, if you decide now, you will also get immediate access to:

Guard Your Posture Checklist
Retail: $19.95 INCLUDED

How would you like to take on life to the full again, knowing there are old techniques watching & guarding the health of your back?…

…helping you prevent troubles from reoccurring.

If you are seeking permanent relief of Sciatica, The Guard Your Posture Checklist is your definitive Go-To Checklist and Guide.

This is by far the single best resource for promoting lasting pain relief that you can find.

If you want to stop the stunningly vicious things you – unknowingly - do, one thing to make sure is that your postural bad habits do not add to the aggravation that holds your body back from losing your pains.

The Guard Your Posture Checklist gives you an unbelievably simple method which, once learned, becomes integrated into your everyday life, quietly taking away all postural causes of sciatica.

  • In The Guard Your Posture Checklist you will discover the exact secret that Olympic weightlifters use to guard their backs while lifting the max that man can lift, and you will not even have to lift weights to learn this…
  • You will get insider information about best practices from the field of professional athletics that will give you the ‘automatic pilot way’ to train your body to unstoppably get you into better posture – NO EXERCISES NEEDED…
  • You will learn Forgotten Ancient Body Wisdom Techniques to improve and guard your posture.
  • This is the astonishingly simple “lost” art of body wisdom that keeps back trouble incidences in traditional cultures so much lower than in our so-called civilized Western world…
  • These simple and easy – once you know - “Ancient Body Wisdom” Techniques will quickly drive pain out of your body and gracefully ‘force’ healing on your discs.

Even if you have tried a variety of different treatment methods... or have previously been exposed to other postural alignment methodologies in an attempt to get rid of your chronic injuries... you will find that nothing is as poignant, simple or direct as this.

And that still is not all, if you decide now, you will also get immediate access to:

SI-Joint Self Corrections Exercise!
Retail: $29.95 INCLUDED

Since 2003 the BackPainGoodbye Program has been used by tens of thousands of people...

...some of our users suffered from Impossible-To-Get-Rid-Of Pains...

...and got back to us and asked for help...

That propelled us forward to dive deeper still... this has led to extensive fine tuning of the DIY Program... and led to new additions like...

...The Dutch Decompression Routine... The Guard Your Posture Checklist and now the latest addition:

The SI-Joint SELF Correction Exercise!... puts the very best Medical DIY SI-Joint Correction Techniques into your hands...

...for some this proved to be the solution that finally turned things around!

Many physiotherapists and doctors don't even know how to do this...

...but NOW available for you!

  • If you have tried many things to no avail, then this could be the thing that changes everything... This proven medical self correction technique allows quick and easy self-correction of the crucial base of your spine. If you even have the slightest misalignment of the SI-joint, progress might be impossible until you gently put this joint back into proper place and position..
  • Most physiotherapists and doctors understand far too little about this unique joint. With the expert drawings in this book you will soon see why this joint so often hinders all chances of permanent relief and progress. You will see exactly how to correct your own SI-Joint from all possible 4 misalignments.
  • You will get access to the joint experience of 80 years of helping people correct their own back troubles by two of America's smartest back experts, who did not fall for fancy or new, but instead went for solid science-backed solutions and now their breakthrough insights are available for you to benefit from.
  • You will see how easy it is to do this yourself... no more appointments with your physiotherapist or chiroprator... which can be a nuisance to fit into your and their schedule... none of that for you... you will know what to do yourself, thanks to these proven techniques.

This is especially important if you have tried many things already and had no success...

Don't be surprised if you too will find that this is the thing that turns it all around!

Here's What To Do NOW

The BackPainGOODBYE! Program Can Be Yours In Just a Few Seconds.

Plus 3 Free Bonuses - The Dutch Decompression Routine, The Guard Your Posture Checklist AND The SI-Joint SELF Correction Exercise!

Total Value: $119

For less than the cost of one Chiropractor visit the BackPainGoodbye Program is yours.

Now Only $55,-

Secure Payment

Money Back Guarantee
NO Questions Asked



...Here’s My Outrageous Unconditional Money Back Guarantee…

You’ve got 60 full days to see if my program really works... go through your ebooks... flip through the pages and take one gold nugget after another and apply it to your own back.

Sit back and relax, make some notes and see as I explain how you can rid yourself of sciatica fast.

Send me your questions via email; have me at your beck and call answering your most pressing concerns.

Do it all and see how your very own body banishes sciatica out of your life.

If you’re like the majority of my customers you’ll be absolutely thrilled, however, in the unlikely event that you’re not happy, contact me and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund… you simply can’t lose…

How would you like results like these?...

“Only 3 days… Pain in My Legs is Gone”

I just wanted to thank you for your book.  I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. 

I had never had low back pain, but I have had thoracic and cervical pain, which I could always take care of with massage or chiropractic or exercise. 

I am 37 years old and thought I was physicall fit. I would work out 4-5 times a week.  Six weeks ago I had a bad cold and was coughing a lot.

I started having low back pain.  Nothing I did would alleviate the pain.  I eventually went to the doctor and she sent me for a ct scan.

Three days ago I learned I have a bulging disc in my lumbar spine.

The pain had started to go down into my legs.  That  night I went online and found your ebook.

It has only been 3 days but the pain in my legs is gone.


— Shelly Pomeroy

“I now feel the best I have been in years”

I am a 45 year old who is active and fit.

I enjoy riding my road bike with friends on the weekend (usually a 60 km ride on a Sunday morning). I had back troubles for years.

I would find that I had back pain after a 1 hour drive, and I could not bend and touch my toes from a standing position.

I went to the doctor and the physio looking for answers.

Back in September I found that I was in severe pain with trouble walking - I had ruptured a disc (L3/L4) in my lower back.

I was advised that I needed to take 6 weeks off work, mostly laying on my back.

I searched the internet and found your program.

I bought it and began following the advise - yes, even the cod liver oil. I took 6 weeks to recover.

I now feel the best I have been in years.

I continue to be very active and I now have no appreciable back pain in my life.

It works!


— Michael Booy, Sunny Queensland, Australia

Order Your Copy

While The Price Still is Only $ 55,-

Secure Payment

Money Back Guarantee
NO Questions Asked


"Hi, Melissa here,

If I could tell you just one thing to get rid of your sciatic pains, it would be this:

give this program your honest try, it worked wonders for so many people already...

...why would it not work for you?"

What are you waiting for?

Give This A RISK FREE Try!

The real risk to you is NOT taking action today and only hoping for things to improve...

For your encouragement...

"Amazing Results - Suffered Back Pain 12 Months - Gone Completely"

Just a quick note to say that I would not hesitate to recommend your book.

I have only used the exercises for 8 days but even after 3 days I could feel the difference.

I must say that I have followed the course instructions to the letter every single day and have not deviated.

The results have been amazing as my back pain that I have suffered from for 12 months has gone completely and I feel my back is much more stable and much stronger.

I am almost 62 years old but was determined to seek pain relief.

I only wish I had found your book before paying out thousands of pounds on MRI’s – CT scans – X-rays – Chiropractors – Physiotherapists – Osteopaths – Neurologists – Acupuncture – special chairs – exercise equipment etc etc.

All to no avail, until I paid a miserly small amount for your program which has proven to me to be priceless.

Well done and keep spreading the word.

Back pain sufferers deserve to know about your book but they MUST follow your advice.

— Monty Burn - United Kingdom

“Almost immediately my pain was gone”

I had doubts about your whether or not your information could help my condition.

I've been agonizing over my lower back pain for at least 3-4 weeks now and during that time, I was getting desperate, because my back pain graduated from my lower back and made its way around my hips too.

I recently purchased some backpain relief herbal pills and those helped with the inflammation, but they are definitely not the cure all.

Masking the pain was not what I wanted to achieve either.  I wanted to get rid of back pain forever.

About 2 days ago, I started the back exercises you recommended and did all sets in the sequence they were listed.  

Almost immediately my pain was gone.  

I was in amazement, but still a little questionable about sustaining this for the long term.

So now on Day 2, I continued with the exercises and today I'm quite sore.

But this kind of soreness is good as I now believe that my muscles have been worked out and are building itself up.

I'm going to see how it goes by next week and will report the results back to you.  In the meanwhile, I cautiously say that I am impressed with the changes so far.


— Huey Bard - USA

For your encouragement...

“68 now, back pain since age 12 - free of pain”

I am 68 and suffered from back pains since the age of 12, untill three months ago I ordered your internet program.

Within 14 days the pains got less and at this moment I am free of pain and do the exercises each morning.

I have to add that I bend over forward while under the shower, with the hot water streaming over on my back.

Wonderfull effects, I can now touch the floor with my fingertips, which I had never been able to do.

Thank you very very much!

Kind regards

— Matt N. Sjoer - St.Maarten / Dutch Antilles

“Without feeling any pain at all”

First of all, thank you so much for extending your helping hand to us.

This is our fifth day doing religiously the exercises in your e-book.

We are doing perfectly well and we can now move our body comfortably without feeling any pain at all.

I remember, for God has said, "I will never leave you: I will never abandon you".  

Let us be bold,then, and say, "The Lord is my helper,I will not be afraid.

Yes, Robert, with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ and your e-book, Now, I can proudly say that in God's time, we will leave our back pain permanently behind.

Praise The Lord!  

A BREAKTHROUGH: more or less!

Best wishes,

— Teddy

P.S. Let me recap, just so you know how much you’re getting when you order right now.

  1. Immediate Delivery of the bestselling Back Pain GOODBYE! eBook which is in use by many thousands already in more than 93 countries, with all the Special Sciatica Relief Exercises to put your body in the fast lane to banish sciatica from your life.
  2. My Unconditional 60 Day / 100% Instant Money Back Guarantee - Apply What You Will Learn And If You’re Not Thrilled With Your Results, Just Aks For Your Prompt & Courteous Refund.
  3. Immediate Access to the Dutch Decompression Routine That Allows You to Speed Up Natural Healing of Discs By Taking Pressure Off Discs... With These Especially Developed Do It Yourself Decompression Exercises - Do Them Wherever & Whenever You Like
  4. Immediate Access To The Guard Your Posture Checklist That Will Show you The Automatic Pilot Way To Ease Your Body Into Just The Right Posture To Protect Your Back From Further Damage And To Propel Your Total Back Health Into Fast And Permanent Healing Mode..
  5. Full Access To The SI-Joint SELF Correction Techniques that will allow you to correct your SI-Joint in the comfort of your own home. No more need for appointments with physiotherapists or chiropractors. Do It Yourself... Easily... Safely... and Quickly.

P.P.S. Here’s what you get with your order:..

  • One Simple exercise to double your back healing speed overnight just by re-aligning one crucial joint in your body, which means it is astonishingly easy to add this exercise to your daily life. You can simply do this at home, as many times as you like. No traveling to your chiro, no fitting into her or your schedule. Just do it in the comfort of your home or wherever you are and experience automatic and rapid increase of total back health.
  • 17 proven sciatica relief exercises you can use straight away (no matter what the situation of your back right now), which means you'll get an immediate rush of new blood and nutrients to the damaged area of your back so that you start building permanent relief to your rubbed raw nerves, bulging discs and back pain.
  • An astonishing “How To Heal Your Own Back With The Right Posture” checklist. Do’s and Don’ts posture recommendations for improved healing, which means you will finally know what to do to get your back to heal yur pains, and you’ll know what to stop doing. This will allow you to easily and instantly jumpstart the healing of your back.
  • ONE Proven exercise that immediately takes the pressure off your pain inflamed back. (In 3 minutes, sitting, standing or lying down, no matter where you are), which means you can now quickly undo years of damage to your back by taking the pressure off your pain ridden discs. No need to go anywhere, just do it at your convenience, each time adding to the rest that your discs will appreciate and use to heal themselves stronger and stronger. Right until your discs are back to full health and you back into life to the full again.
  • The “Dutch Decompression Routine” – only available on this site, which means you get access to a unique exercise routine to create world class disc healing. You will learn how to quickly release and focus your body’s natural healing capabilities on rapid healing of your damaged discs… even if you are now considering surgery. If you cut your finger, your body will heal it as well… this is your chance to learn how to harness that healing power and focus it on your bulging and pain inflamed discs.
  • The “SI-Joint SELF Correction Exercise!” - giving you the tools to gently correct your own SI-Joint... which means the base of YOUR spine will quickly get back into proper position... allowing the tensions of surrounding muscles to quickly leave your body... which in turn makes room for your sciatic pains to disappear and your body to get back into painless bliss... as if sciatica never even happened!

“Cancel The Surgery”

Here a short note after doing the exercises for two weeks. The first week the improvements were dramatic. The first week's results made a day and night difference.

Next week I have an appointment with my neurologist, but the way things are going now I will cancel the surgery. I don't have pain any more.

I now ready do some running on the treadmill. Most people near me are amazed by the improvement of my health.


— Michel Kagenaar - The Netherlands