So If You Struggle With Any Of These Symptoms...

  • Pain in the lower back that spoils your day and limits your ability to live life the way you want
  • A back that pops out, of course always at times you do not expect, nor want it
  • Sciatic pains shooting all the way down a leg, maybe even to the bottom of your foot
  • Chronic back pain, that just refuses to leave you alone, no matter how many times you go to your chiropractor or physio, it keeps on coming back
  • The MRI shows a herniated disc, and you would rather not have surgery, but prefer natural healing
  • Sore spots in your back or buttock, which trigger pain in other parts of your back, could even be in your leg, shoulder, neck or hand
  • Lack of confidence or trust in your body, simply because no matter what you try, your back just seems to get less dependable over time
  • Numb feelings in leg, foot, or even tingling sensations

If You Would Like To Know What YOU Can Do Yourself To Leave Back Troubles Behind... the safety of your own home...

...with a proven process that has been used by tens of thousands of people already...

...and has been finetuned since 2002...

I am Robert Feddes, a former back pain sufferer myself...

I still remember that early morning in december 2001 when my back popped out...


And all I did this time was reach out to get a shirt for the day...

...can you imagine?...

...a shirt!...

While I reached for it, I felt this tiny crack inside...

...immediately my back froze up, like poured in concrete... felt as if I was hit by a 400 pound linebacker running me into the ground.

Of course this was not the first time, but it definitely was the worst...

I had a history of 20 Years of ever increasing and worsening back pains... back popping out more often and worse every time...

...ruining my days for weeks on end with debilitating pains...

...preventing me from doing what I wanted or needed...

...shooting sciatic pains right down my left leg...

...which made me fear for bulging disc surgery...

...and my doctor and physio kept on telling me there was no way to stop the downward trend...

"You just have to learn to live with it" they offered... to recurring consultations and treatments of course...

I finally decided I had ENOUGH of this merry go round that got me nowhere... I committed to study all the scientific knowledge on back health I could find... doctor, chiro and physio were a path proven NOT to give lasting relief.

If I wanted a permanent solution... was up to me to go and find it.

It took more than a year, but find it I did.

Once I knew what to do, my back soon felt more supple and secure...

...I regained confidence in my body and dared to move freely again... back NO LONGER popped out at the worst possible times, in fact it no longer pops out at all... more shooting sciatic pains either...

...instead my back feels rejuvenated and strong again.

Of course I could NOT just keep this to myself...

...because I believe everyone deserves to know how to correct their own back troubles...

...without the cost and time consuming ongoing and returning visits to chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc...

...and without the risk of spinal disc surgery...

...once I got my own back in shape again, I committed to passing it on.

...that was 2002 and since then I have helped thousands upon thousands worldwide leave their back troubles behind as well.

My program is now available in 3 languages: Dutch, German and English...

...and has been used in more than 93 countries, last time I counted.

So let me explain why this works so well...

Back Pain Goodbye

The DIY At Home Solution That Leaves Back Troubles Behind And Gives Back Life!

Works Because It Fixes 4 Problems...

Most back pain experts say that muscle tension & imbalances are THE major contributing factors to back troubles...

...which my research confirms... I researched what causes muscles of the back to become tense...

...and discovered that...

...muscle tension is not the problem,

it is only the symptom, because...

...there are 4 reasons people unknowingly perpetuate their back troubles...

And here's the good news, once you know what to do about each of these 4...

Then turning around most back trouble situations is as simple as following a proven plan...

...that counters each of these 4 possible root causes of back troubles...

...thus building a strong foundation for a pain FREE back.

Now before I tell tell you about this 4 Step Proven Plan... must know the 4 root causes of back troubles, that lead to all sorts of back troubles - herniated discs included...

  1. Research shows that 98% of people with back trouble suffer from misalignment of ONE joint right at the base of the spine. UNTIL you CORRECT this joint, anything you do, will most likely just fail.
  2. Australian researchers found that in people with back trouble, small muscles at the deepest levels of the back no longer 'fire up' properly. Until you re-activate those small muscles in ISOLATION, your back will remain unstable.
  3. If you don't understand proper posture, you might be ruining your back all day long, just by the way you walk, sit, stand, move and do things.
  4. Spinal COMPRESSION is a PROBLEM for everyone's back, leaving us stiff and sore.  Natural decompression rejuvenates & restores painful backs & even promotes natural disc health.

These 4 root causes of back troubles lead to increased muscle tension and imbalances...

...causing pain and...

...if uncorrected...

...the increased muscular tension will lead to increased wear and tear of your body...

...'growing old and stiff before your time'...

...too much muscle tension automatically means too much compression of your discs...

...which easily leads to full blown spinal disc herniation...

Fortunately this can all be remedied by you yourself with the:

Back Pain Goodbye 4 Step Proven Plan

So let me tell you about the first step...

Step 1 is To Make Sure Your SI-Joint is Properly Aligned.

Your Sacro Iliac Joint connects your spine with your pelvis.

In the image above you see a yellow line showing the SI-joint on one side.

This is the foundation of a pain free back.

Moving with ease and without pain requires this joint to be properly aligned.

Recent research shows that out of 1000 cases of people with a variety of longer lasting back problems, 98% suffered from a SI-joint dysfunction.

As soon as the SI-joint was corrected, the vast majority of all those troubles disappeared all by themselves.

Last time my back popped out, it was in fact this joint that slightly went out, and my body immediately reacted by a very painful freezing of my muscles aimed at limiting the damage.

When this joint even goes out a bit, your muscles freeze up, just because your body tries to prevent this joint from even going out further, but...

...the unique shape of this SI-joint 'makes it easy' for the joint to stay put in the wrong position.

And if this joint is out of whack, it means your vertebrae are no longer stacked above each other the way they should.

If the wheels on your car are misaligned, your tires will wear out unevenly...

In a similar way, if the base of your back is misaligned, uneven wear also results, and something will give sooner or later, and back pain is your body's  warning signal....

So you need to be able to correct this joint, because... soon as you do that your muscles can relax again and this will make all the difference for your back.

Once your muscles start relaxing, the pains can melt away.

Now let me tell you about step 2...

Step 2 is To Get The Deepest & Smallest Muscles of Your Back Firing On All Cilinders.

Your multi fidus muscles must fire on all cilinders, I know, that sounds strange, so let me explain...

The multi fidus muscles run from one vertebra to the next...

...these muscles play a crucial and double role...

...on the one hand these deeper lying small muscles have a signaling function that provides our brain with the fine motor information that allows precise control of the core stabilty of your back.

On the other hand these deeper lying muscles play the first responder role with every move that you make that involves your back.

Australian researchers found that with people with back pain, in some sections of the back, these multi fidus muscles are damaged and just don't fire up any more.

A good physio or chiro will be able to feel where this is the case in your back.

If these multifidus muscles do NOT fire up properly, larger and stronger muscles take over trying to provide core stability, BUT...

..they do it with far too much force, which leads to increased muscle tension throughout your back and that results in back pain...

...and if this goes on for too long, it can lead to secondary damage, like for example bulging or herniated discs...

When I still struggled with back pains myself, I made sure my back muscles were strong, hoping to prevent my back from going out again...

...what I did not realize then, was that as long as my multi fidus muscles were not firing up properly...

...all my back strengthening did, was just make the larger muscles stronger...

...which meant that when my back went out again, those stronger muscles only pulled me into stronger cramps...

...with even more pain.

Once I figured this out, it was easy to understand why my troubles had increased over time...

These Australian researchers said that to correct this, we must train the deeper lying muscles IN ISOLATION.

If you do not train these muscles IN ISOLATION, all that will happen is that you end up training the larger muscles that already do too much work in your back...

...that is exactly why so many back exercise programs that I tried during my research just never worked, in fact they made matters worse...

...because you don't want the larger muscles of your back to work harder, on the contrary, you want them to relax...

...but for that to happen, the smaller multi fidus muscles must first fire up again, because only then will they provide CORE stability AND signals to your brain that the larger muscles can relax and let go...

Once that happens, you will soon feel the difference.

And fortunately it is quite easy to re-activate those smaller muscles...

...I have even written a book with the exact exercises that do just that -;)

OK let's look at step 3...

Step 3 Is About Taking Away the Posture Related Causes of Your Back Troubles

During my search for a solution of my own back troubles I discovered how my posture unknowingly caused my pains to stay longer or come back sooner...

I even studied the techniques of Olympic Weightlifters and found the practical techniques they use...

...I did this because I had found statistics that showed that Olympic weight lifters later in life had LESS back troubles, which first surprised me...

...until I studied the simple posture techniques they used to keep their backs safe during all of their heavy lifting.

I developed a simple program to gently 'force' my body to take on proper posture, in an 'auto pilot' way. Making good use of my Olympic Weightlifting Techniques research.

And this helps me keep my back in literally the best postural shape - on autopilot - to keep pains away...

This is also now available for you.

I'll tell you how you can get your hands on this, but first let me explain step 4, how to really TREAT your back...

Step 4: Treat Your Discs Like Your Life Depends On It - Because In A Way It Does...

Treat your discs like you life depends on it - because in a way it does?...

Yes, and if you have been floored a couple of times with excruciating back pains, or...

...if you have suffered already far too long from nagging chronic never-leaving-you-alone types of back pain...

...then you know exactly how back troubles can totally disrupt our lives...

...can stop us from doing things we like or need to do...

The health of your intervertebral discs is intricately linked to the health of your back...

The discs of our back serve the important function of dampening the forces that gravity exerts on our back.

You might know that many chiropractors use inversion tables to hang you upside down in a controlled way.

They do this because research shows that inversion tables help decompress & relax the spine...

...which creates room for your discs to swell back up to their proper size.


...inversion tables are expensive...

...just like recurring visits to your chiro quickly add up...

That is why I wondered if it could be possible to create natural decompression exercises...

...that would give the same benefits as expensive inversion tables, but without the cost.

You see, during my research I also ran into back pain statistics from third world countries...

...turns out they suffer far less from back pains than we do...

...that is why I looked deeper into the natural posture & decompression techniques that they use.

What I found helped me develop a series of 'Natural Decompression Techniques'.

These natural body techniques are in use all over the third world, but we seem to have forgotten them..

But thanks to the Dutch Decompression Routine you can now get all the benefits of inversion tables, only without the costs.

I call it the Dutch Decompression Routine, because I am Dutch and I personally developed these natural decompression techniques for my own use first...

I also called it Dutch because 'going Dutch' has something to do with being frugal, and not spend money if you don't have to.

Now I know that going Dutch means that if you take out your girl you both pay your own meal, but hey I like treating my wife and pay for the meal, so that is not what this is about...

Going Dutch on your discs means that you give your discs a wholesome treatment thanks to these natural decompression techniques...

...without the need for an expensive inversion table or recurring visits to a chiro...

So There You Have It...

The 4 Step Back Pain Goodbye Program

That Leaves Back Troubles Behind

And Gives Back Life!

This Is What You Get:

  • One Medical Self Correction Exercise To Quickly Correct Your Own SI-joint, in the comfort of your own home.
    NO visits needed to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.
    - VALUE: $ 65,- (which is the average price of just ONE visit to a chiropractor)
  • Correct Your Own SI-joint As Often As Needed.
    In the beginning stages of recovery many users report they do this several times a day, until the proper position has become the new normal again.
    - VALUE: you tell me -;)
  • The Dutch Decompression Routine. Natural Decompression Techniques available ONLY on this website.
    Ready for you to give your discs the TREAT they need to gain maximum health.
    NO expensive inversion table needed, NO physio treatments either.
    - VALUE: $ 120,- (the price of a good second hand inversion table)
  • The Guard Your Posture Checklist - Allows you to 're-program' your posture the 'auto pilot way'.
    Others take expensive posture lessons, but you can use this visual checklist to improve your posture.
    - VALUE: $ 70,-
  • Do It Yourself Re-Activation of Damaged Multi Fidus Muscles.
    Making sure they fire up properly again AND provide fine motoric information which your brain needs so it can signal your tense muscles to relax and let go of the pain.
    - VALUE $ 55,-
  • A Compact Series of Stretching Routines that help you restore your body to a healthy 'Range of Motion'.
    - VALUE $ 35,-
  • Your body is made to move and needs movement to stay healthy.
    You get a series of moves that helps restore maximum function and drives away the pain.
    - VALUE: I don't know how to put value on living pain free, but let's just say the cost of a thank you dinner for my wife and I: $ 50,- (I'll pay for the drinks myself -;)
  • As a result of this 're-programming of proper posture and healthy moves into your body, the muscles of your back will relax and this helps drive the pains away.
    After a while it all becomes second nature and you will not have to do any more exercises.
    - VALUE: incalculable, to me it just feels great that my back is in shape, supple and strong again.

That is a total value of at least $ 395,-...

...not even counting the value of living pain free again.

But this is not what I want you to pay for it.

This program is available for much less than that because...

...I want to help as many people as possible to leave their troubles behind.

In order to do that I have decided that money should not be an issue.

Therefore your investment will not be $ 395,-

Not $ 195,- either...

You don't even have to pay $ 97,-

You can get this program in your hands today just for $ 55,-

ONLY Available On This Site!

Here's What To Do NOW

Click on the button below to order your copy of the Back Pain Goodbye Program now.

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Now Only $ 55,-

Take action today and allow this program to also get your back in shape again.

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UNCONDITIONAL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee NO Questions Asked


Let Me Explain In Detail What You Get...

Once you order your personal copy of the Back Pain Goodbye Program you will get IMMEDIATE access to 4 well written books.

Below you'll see what each book contains.

Reading These Books Will Be Quick!

NO ONE wants to read hundreds of pages of difficult language...

...that is why I went through lots of trouble to write in such a way that everything is simple to understand...

...and my wife Danielle helped me bring down the number of pages...

You see, she is a professional journalist, and she taught me that 'writing is deleting'...

...she forced - and helped - bring everything back to the barest essence...

...MAXIMUM clarity in as FEW words or pages as possible...

And because a picture is worth a thousand words...

...each book also contains professionally made drawings that...

...VISUALLY show in intricate detail everything you need to understand to treat YOUR OWN BACK.

And the exercises are all shown to you on clear photographs with step by step instructions... guessing how to do it correct, you just follow the photographed examples.

...don't worry, it's not me showing the exercises, I photographed my wife, much nicer to look at -;)

NO DIFFICULT language either!

This is written so anyone can quickly read through and understand more than my doctor or physio ever told me about how my back works.

Get ready for AHA Moments about Your Very Own Back...

...Confidence that YOU can turn things around...

...all by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

No treatments needed!

Without drugs!

NONE of that all!...

...just YOU YOURSELF taking a small amount of time to give your back a healthy & wholesome treat...

...and allow the program to get your back in shape and pain free again.

Without further ado, here is what you'll find in each book.

  • 64 Pages Written in easy to understand language, showing you in beautiful drawings what this unknown joint does and is capable of.
    Fix this joint and most back troubles can disappear all by themselves like snow in hot sunlight.
  • One Simple Medical Exercise to Correct Your Own SI-Joint.
    Making sure the base of your back is in the right position.
    This makes it much easier for the rest of your back to properly re-align itself, allowing your muscles to relax and let go of your pain.
    This will Jumpstart your Back on it's way to good shape and natural back pain free health again.
  • This medical exercise is so simple, it has even been explained over the phone, meaning you will get a silver bullet in Your Arsenal.
    Now You Yourself can correct this crucial joint.
    No visit to your chiropractor or physiotherapist necessary.

  • 40 Pages with a Unique 1 Page Visual Checklist that allows you to 'imprint' proper posture back into your life - the 'auto pilot' way.
    Meaning once you use the techniques you learn in this short little book, you'll find it much easier to just take on proper posture, with everything you do.
  • Once Proper Posture starts seeping back into your daily life, all posture related causes of muscle imbalances and tensions will just melt away.
    In fact allowing your pains to melt away as well.
  • Do NOT be surprised if people start asking you how come you look younger and move with more ease and vigor...
    ...just seems to come with the terrain of restoring your body to autopilot posture improvement.

  • 93 Pages with Insider Techniques Used successfully by back pain sufferers in 93 countries. Take Back Health in Your Own Hands.
  • 17 Proven Back Stretches you can use right away.
    Allowing you to start an immediate rush of fresh circulation and nutrients to the painful area(s) of your back...
    ...restoring range of motion and 'gently forcing' your tense muscles to let go and fire the deeper muscles up again.
  • Short and Succinct Easy Reading. Making sure you go from 'I don't Know How To Finally Leave My Back Troubles Behind' to 'This is Easy, I Got This' in just one short read.
  • Helping Your back return to a youthful state of nimbleness and strength... ...allowing you to pick up more and more things in life, just like you never even had any back trouble.

  • 42 Pages Only Available Here: The Dutch Decompression Routine...
    Rather than pay hundreds of dollars for an inversion table to decompress and relax your spine, now you can do it yourself...
    ...using ancient body wisdom techniques that still help people in so-called underdeveloped nations work hard all day without any trace of back pain.
  • These NATURAL decompression techniques can be added to different parts of your life...
    ...early morning when you just wake up, first thing you do is ONE simple decompression technique, that has a rejuvenating effect on your back...
    ...or do it just before closing your eyes at night.
    THIS has got to be the best treat You can Give Your Back.
  • And now...
  • You take action and download the program now;
  • You discover the easy medical exercise to correct your own SI-joint;
  • You activate and re-train the deeper lying smallest muscles of your back, providing core stabilty and ease of movement;
  • The autopilot posture improvement ensures that all posture related causes of muscle tension and back troubles disappear;
  • You add 1 or 2 natural decompression exercises to your daily regimen, just to pamper your discs so they can dampen the shocks of all of your movements and rejuvenate your back's health;
  • Your back will get in proper shape again, allowing you to do whatever you want again, unhindered by debilitating pains that now fade away in your past.
  • You doubt this will work for you and decide not to take action today;
  • You hope that someone will find a magic pill that will take away your pains just like that;
  • You just hope your back will get better;
  • Until that happens you just take it easy and decide to move less and say no to more and more things in your life;
  • You let your stiffness and soreness increase but keep hoping that things will improve;
  • You count on your physio or chiropractor to solve your back problems;
  • You will sleep over it and get back to this tomorrow, of course...
  • ...that will not happen, but hey maybe your back troubles will disappear never to come back again all by themselves...

Once More: Here's What To Do Next

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Your purchase is covered by an UNCONDITIONAL 60 DAY Satisfaction Guarantee...

...if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase...

...then 1 email is enough to get your money back down to the last penny.

I Almost Forgot To Tell You...

Your Program Is Delivered To You Immediately as PDF-ebooks, the easiest way to read an electronic document... ONLY pay once and can download as often as you like on any or all computers, laptops, ipads or tablets that you own, no problem or limitation at all.

Lifetime Program Upgrades Are Also Included...

...which means that whenever I discover or develop something new, it is just added to the pdf's, all you have to do is download the latest version immediately again at no extra cost.

Buy Once And Keep Access To All New Versions Of These Books For The Lifetime Of The Program.


Don't you hate those sites that put you on recurring payments that are almost impossible to cancel?

Not with this program, this is Pay Once And Get Free Upgrades For The Lifetime Of The Availability Of Your Program.

Questions Most Often Asked

That is one of the conditions that this program was developed for.

And the experiences of people support this conclusion definitely.

We have emails on file of people who cancelled already scheduled surgery.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything, simply because every body is different.

But if there is ONE program I believe in, then this is it.

Give it a go and try it out for yourself, what have you got to lose?

Emails from users indicate that some people feel immediate differences, for others it needs more time.

The explanation is that the cause of the troubles in each situation might be different.

If it took years to develop, but the only real cause is a misaligned SI-joint, your results might be quite spectacular.

If your back problems are the result of years of neglect of your deeper lying muscles and...

....if your posture is not so good... might take longer before your multi fidus muscles to relearn their first responder function.

In cases like this, we always look for reaction to the exercise program...

...if your body reacts, even with increased pain, often that proves to be part of the healing journey.

Some of our users report an initial increase of pain in the beginning stages of what we now call 'the healing journey'.

This makes sense as the program re-activates muscles that have not been active for a while.

But it could also be result of the loosening up of muscles that have been wound too tight for too long.

In this case just give it time and stay at it, but do the exercises in a relaxed way at all times.

Other times the pain has to do with a move you make while stretching that just is too much for now.

In that case I would leave that particular move out of the program for a while and at a later stage return to it.

Often times our users report that there is a progression of more and more things being possible over time.

Sometimes it took years for your back pains to progress to where it is now...

...and for some it turns around real quick, for others it takes a bit longer.

Yes, many of our users bought the program exactly for this and have reported great results.

Which is easily explained as the stretches not only re-activate the multi fidus muscles...

...but do so with the use of particular stretches that target the exact area that plays a role in referral pains connected with sciatica.

So in short, the answer is a big resounding YES - according to our happy users who had success with leaving sciatic pains behind.

Then we advise to slowly read this page again, and focus on your doubts to see if the information on this page answers those.

Next I would say, read the experiences of others who went before and find encouragement in that.

Lastly I would say, give it a go, there is a generous NO QUESTIONS ASKED 60 day money back guarantee.

In one word: REACTION.

What I mean by that is to look if your body reacts to the program, one way or another.

Could be more pain, could be less pain, could be an increase in your ability to reach for your toes while bending forward.

It could be many things, but REACTION covers it.

If your body reacts, this means that something is happening and that in itself is often the key that starts the healing journey.

One of our readers said her pains increased, yet she kept at it...

...and in week 4 she was back on her horse...

...mind you, she had a herniated disc, but just did not give up and decided to trust the process.

I definitely hope NOT!

The Back Pain Goodbye Program aims to 're-program' your moving and posture all throughout your day.

And once moving well and improved posture becomes the 'new normal'...

...most people experience that the pains subside and the need to keep doing the stretches diminishes.

I myself do one or 2 exercises every once in a while... is type of a measuring stick to see how nimble I still am...

...the other is just to keep my SI-joint relaxed and moving freely from the right starting position.

That depends, could be 20 or 30 minutes but I have heard from readers who say this is their personal time of physical relaxation and they take more time.

Others emailed to say they hardly do any of the exercises because one or two just nailed it for them.

I am inclined to say that in the beginning stages be prepared to spend half an hour stretching...

...and working on the restoration of healthy range of motion...

...once that is back up, adjust your daily regimen to just add some moves while doing your daily activities.

Picking up a ball to throw for your dog, could be a quick stretching moment if you know how to move better.

Once you reconnect more to your body and understand the moves it needs to stay healthy... will soon be able to feel what gives you and your body the biggest bang for the buck... could be even a couple of seconds here and there throughout your day.

But if you are one of those people who loves a regimented approach, you can just work your way through the exercises... often as you like.

Or add repetitions of stretches you particularly enjoy or that feel especially well.

But what about this? Rather than ask how much time it will take, why not rephrase this question to: how much more will this allow me to do again?

Yes and no, for a while we had a specially developed Coaching program...

...where we asked people a lot of questions...

...looked at their MRI's or other scans... through the reports of their doctors or specialists...

...and then gave them custom tips and specialised feedback, and YES that does work well, but... all honesty, time and again it came back to the same underlying principles and rootcauses...

So I used all of those expereiences to finetune the current program.

What I also did was make sure all necessary information is integrated already in the text and drawings parts of the program... people can come to their own conclusions.

That is why we now see no more need to offer this, the program seems to take care of it already.

We are strong opponents of the idea that YOU are your very own best back doctor or specialist... only need clear & actionable information together with stretches that have proven themselves in the lives of thousands already.

Of course we do not shy away from anyone who asks us to think along...

...but the first step is to give the program a try and for most people the questions then disappear, driven out by the results they get.

Your email will make my day once you get results!...

...Because that was me for so many years...

I have suffered myself from 20 years of recurring and worsening back pains, and know what it feels like to have your days 'ruined' by pains.

That is what drove me to find a solution for my own chronic back pains.

It worked for me, and has worked for countless others.

I can only wish and hope that it will do the same as it has done for me and so many others in your shoes.

You are so lucky!

No honestly!

When your back just pops out; that is in my honest opinion the very best moment to re-align, and the effect could be quite impressive.

I remember a while ago my own back having a beginning go at popping out on me again...

I did not give it any chance, got on the ground and started going through a routine that 'genly forced' my SI-joint back into place...

...before I knew it I was back up and did some additional stretches and it soon was as if it had not even happened.

In the past this would have often taken weeks before I felt good enough again to do everything I wanted or needed freely again.

You see, now I know what to do, if it feels like something is about to happen, I can correct before it even has a chance.

I guess I have become more 'tuned in' to my own body as well, being more aware of what is happening at the deeper levels of my back musculature.

Once again, to answer your question I would say YES certainly, this is for you if your back just popped out.

That is a difficult one, simply because in some cases surgery has caused scar tissue to develop that proves to NOT be helping.

In general I would say this though: surgery in my opinion hardly ever deals with root causes, and this program in particular focuses on root causes...

...that is why I do believe that even if you had surgery, this can help, it can not undo the fusion of vertebrae but it might help prevent more damage from happening.

One of our users is from Ireland and had surgery one year, only to see the pains come back a year later. She laid hands on our program and told us she was 'gobsmacked' by the results.

I can only wish the same for you if you already had surgery, not the returning of the pain of course, but being gobsmacked by results!

First time I received an email from someone who said it had helped with her neck, I was kind of surprised... see the progam focuses more on the lower parts of the back... I wondered why it had results for the neck as well...

Now I understand, because really, the back is just one total work of art, from bottom to neck, one connected piece of art....

So if you align the bottom and work on autopilot posture improvement from the bottom up...

...then also re-activate the deepest core muscles in isolation...

Then one by one your vertebrae can re-align and this will release more and more muscle tension, from bottom to top...

...and if you keep at this it must have effects on the top part of the spine, which is the neck.

So yes, glad to say our users report positive effects on their neck.

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“I now feel the best I have been in years”

I am a 45 year old who is active and fit.

I enjoy riding my road bike with friends on the weekend (usually a 60 km ride on a Sunday morning). I had back troubles for years.

I would find that I had back pain after a 1 hour drive, and I could not bend and touch my toes from a standing position.

I went to the doctor and the physio looking for answers.

Back in September I found that I was in severe pain with trouble walking - I had ruptured a disc (L3/L4) in my lower back.

I was advised that I needed to take 6 weeks off work, mostly laying on my back.

I searched the internet and found your program.

I bought it and began following the advise - yes, even the cod liver oil. I took 6 weeks to recover.

I now feel the best I have been in years.

I continue to be very active and I now have no appreciable back pain in my life.

It works!


— Michael Booy, Sunny Queensland, Australia

“You've made a believer out of me”

I just don't write things like this , but I have to tell that, as a physician and surgeon, I was more than doubtful that your program had the answer to my back that has plagued me for decades following multiple traumas.

Yet I've got to tell you that using those exercises for the first time...

...the pain was gone.

Of course, the next day I can feel it gradually returning, but I now know that completing your set of exercises will once again free me of that chronic pain.

You've made a believer of me.


“Surgery Now is No Longer Necessary”

I just thought I have never let you know about the results that came from doing the advised exercises.

My girlfriend, who was scheduled for herniated disc surgery, if her symptoms would not improve, got great results from doing all exercises even to the extent that... now is no longer necessary, she is healed fully after half a year!!!

She keeps doing the exercises and feels this is necessary to strenghten her back.

Would like to thank you that we were able to get this result thanks to you, and that for less than the cost of one visit to her physio!!!!

Kind Regards,

— A. Seegers - The Netherlands

“Completely gobsmacked by results”

Here is my story.... In December last year I crawled to my doctors surgery (literally!) for the fourth time in two weeks.

I could not straighten my back and could not cough or laugh without excruciating pain.  

Finally he put me intouch with a consultant neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI which showed that I had a slipped disk in the lower back and would require surgery.

He was insistent that surgery was the only cure and would be needed immediately so I agreed to have it done.  

Three days later I had a lumber discectomy by keyhole surgery which was deemed a great success.  

The pain in my legs was gone as was the excruciating pain in my back.  

Now I had only six weeks to wait while the wounds healed and I would be right as rain again.  

Six weeks later I was totally healed and delighted with life.

However On December 25th the next year, I turned in my bed and lo and behold - the same back pain again although perhaps not quite as bad.

I took plenty of muscle relaxants and painkillers for that day and the next and since it was the Christmas period and in Ireland everything shuts down for a week I began to look up the internet to see if there was anything I could do for myself.

I found your site and thought that it was worth a go.  

On Wednesday Dec 27th I started the exercises and I am completely "gobsmacked" by the results!  

I could hardly do the exercises on that day but I took no more pain relief from then to this.

I can now do the exercises in half an hour and without any difficulty, I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.

I really wish I had found your site sooner - it would have saved me an operation a year ago.  

I will come back to you to let you know if in five weeks I am totally pain free but even with the level of pain I now have I can live a very normal life and that was well worth the few euro I spent on your book.

I thank you so much and wish you luck with your own back which I hope remains pain free!!

Yours sincerely

— Imelda Ryan - Ireland

“Cancel The Surgery”

Here a short note after doing the exercises for two weeks.

The first week the improvements were dramatic. The first week's results made a day and night difference.

Next week I have an appointment with my neurologist, but the way things are going now I will cancel the surgery. I don't have pain any more.

I now ready do some running on the treadmill. Most people near me are amazed by the improvement of my health.


— Michel Kagenaar - The Netherlands

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"Amazing Results - Suffered Back Pain 12 Months - Gone Completely"

Just a quick note to say that I would not hesitate to recommend your book.

I have only used the exercises for 8 days but even after 3 days I could feel the difference.

I must say that I have followed the course instructions to the letter every single day and have not deviated.

The results have been amazing as my back pain that I have suffered from for 12 months has gone completely and I feel my back is much more stable and much stronger.

I am almost 62 years old but was determined to seek pain relief.

I only wish I had found your book before paying out thousands of pounds on MRI’s – CT scans – X-rays – Chiropractors – Physiotherapists – Osteopaths – Neurologists – Acupuncture – special chairs – exercise equipment etc etc.

All to no avail, until I paid a miserly small amount for your program which has proven to me to be priceless.

Well done and keep spreading the word.

Back pain sufferers deserve to know about your book but they MUST follow your advice.

— Monty Burn - United Kingdom

“Almost immediately my pain was gone”

I had doubts about your whether or not your information could help my condition.

I've been agonizing over my lower back pain for at least 3-4 weeks now and during that time, I was getting desperate, because my back pain graduated from my lower back and made its way around my hips too.

I recently purchased some backpain relief herbal pills and those helped with the inflammation, but they are definitely not the cure all.

Masking the pain was not what I wanted to achieve either.  I wanted to get rid of back pain forever.

About 2 days ago, I started the back exercises you recommended and did all sets in the sequence they were listed.  

Almost immediately my pain was gone.  

I was in amazement, but still a little questionable about sustaining this for the long term.

So now on Day 2, I continued with the exercises and today I'm quite sore.

But this kind of soreness is good as I now believe that my muscles have been worked out and are building itself up.

I'm going to see how it goes by next week and will report the results back to you.  In the meanwhile, I cautiously say that I am impressed with the changes so far.


— Huey Bard - USA

“68 now, back pain since age 12 - free of pain”

I am 68 and suffered from back pains since the age of 12, until three months ago I ordered your internet program.

Within 14 days the pains got less and at this moment I am free of pain and do the exercises each morning.

I have to add that I bend over forward while under the shower, with the hot water streaming over on my back.

Wonderfull effects, I can now touch the floor with my fingertips, which I had never been able to do.

Thank you very very much!

Kind regards

— Matt N. Sjoer - St.Maarten / Dutch Antilles

“Without feeling any pain at all”

First of all, thank you so much for extending your helping hand to us.

This is our fifth day doing religiously the exercises in your e-book.

We are doing perfectly well and we can now move our body comfortably without feeling any pain at all.

I remember, for God has said, "I will never leave you: I will never abandon you".  

Let us be bold,then, and say, "The Lord is my helper,I will not be afraid.

Yes, Robert, with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ and your e-book, Now, I can proudly say that in God's time, we will leave our back pain permanently behind.

Praise The Lord!  

A BREAKTHROUGH: more or less!

Best wishes,

— Teddy

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