Delivery & Costs

BackPainGoodbye exists to develop and make available the best possible DIY programs for people to leave their own back troubles behind.

We make those programs available through electronic books, we have chosen the most accessible format, namely PDFs.

PDFs work on almost any PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, etc.

We do our utmost to ensure that you have access to the electronic books you have ordered as soon as possible.

If you pay through PayPal or credit card, you will have access to the electronic books immediately after your payment is completed.

Upon completion of your order our systems will send you an email notification that your payment has been received and that your eBooks are waiting for you to download.

You can download your PDFs on the secure part of our website. You can find that secure part via this link.

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To give you an indication of the delivery time, this should be immediately upon completion of payment, you then get access right away to the download page. Download itself should only take seconds.

If for some reason we do not meet this delivery time, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.

The prices quoted do not include shipping costs. The shipping costs are:

€ 0.00 for all electronic book orders!

Delivery is via internet download. You can download your books as often as you like.

If a new version of the book you purchased becomes available, you can download it at no additional cost.