Guarantee & Complaints


We care about our readers very much, in fact we exist to serve you.

That is why we do our best to provide you with the best possible information on DIY solutions for a variety of back problems.

We deliver our e-books over the internet, which means that you get immediate access to the program of your choice upon completion of your payment.

However, it sometimes happens that a download delivery somehow 'breaks' during transport over the internet or that something else happens that entitles you to invoke your warranty.

Legally, you are obliged to report this to us within two months of discovery of the defect. If the defect falls within the warranty, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Now if a download does not work, that will become visible immediately, we suggest your try to download again first.

When you purchase, you automatically create an account on our website, which gives you access to the secure part of our website.

Here you can download your ebooks again at any time and as often as you like, all for your personal use.

You have access throughout the life of each of the ebooks or programmes you have purchased - meaning that as long as we offer and sell that book or programme, you can always download the most recent version, even if it is an updated version.

We are still researching and whenever we find or develop even better ways of leaving back troubles behind we release new versions of existing books or programmes.

As soon as that happens, we send emails to all of our readers to notify you that you can download the latest version at no additional cost.


Sometimes things go wrong...

...that can have all kinds of reasons os causes and as far as it depends on us we will do everything we can to fix anything that went wrong as soon as possible...

...if something went wrong on our side, we will investigate and work on preventing that from happening again.

But that doesn't mean it never happens and then a complaint is a help to both you and us.

To you, because it helps us spot somtehing went wrong and triggers us to get into action to remedy that and make you happy.

At we see complaints firstly as an assignment from you - our customer - to do better.

In addition, we welcome any feedback from our customers simply because it helps us to help you even better.

What To Do If You Now Have A Complaint?

We recommend that you report your complaint to us by emailing us at

...or, you could also fill in the form below to directly let us know of your complaint.


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