About Us

We are BackPainGoodbye and we exist to develop and provide the best possible self help programmes to leave back troubles behind.

I am Robert Feddes and together with my wife Danielle I run the websites of BackPainGoodbye.com, BeatingBackPain.com, Rugpijnweg.nl, De RugpijnDokter.nl and Rueckenschmerzweg.de.

Through these websites we serve tens of thousands of people in more than 93 countries already with the best programs we know of that allow people to rid themselves of a variety of back troubles.

BackPainGoodbye.com is a trading name of Facing The Challenge bv, a Dutch limited liability corporation which is registered in The Netherlands with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 24 29 4108.

Our VAT number with the Dutch tax department is: NL 8080 77 053 B01

We wish you a fulfilled life without back pain!

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